Are you a WARRIOR?

Road: noun. A path or course.
Warrior: noun. One who is engaged aggressively or energetically
in an activity, cause, or conflict.

Is today the day you choose to take a new path and engage
yourself to have a healthier lifestyle through fitness and

Road Warrior Athletics (RWA) is a fitness and running club that
was formed in January 2007.  Our main goal is to promote a
healthy way of living within our own communities through
fitness and fun.  We participate in running/walking and fitness
events that are fun and challenge the mind as well as body.
RWA is based in the south side of Chicago but we participate in
events all over the country and hope you will be motivated to
do the same!

Let today be the day you become a
Andre Edmonds, CPT
Andre is founder and coach of Road Warrior
Athletics Fitness & Sportswear.  He is a distance
runner, certified personal trainer, and group
exercise instructor who was inspired to improve
the health of his surrounding community by
utilizing the great outdoors. Andre especially
enjoys providing group fitness instruction to
those striving to maintain a active lifestyle.

Dr. Chandi Edmonds, MPT, DPT, CIMI
Chandi is a physical therapist and coach of
Road Warrior Athletics Fitness & Sportswear.  
She is a distance runner, pilates instructor
(Core in Training), and infant massage instructor.  
Chandi particularly enjoys training and educating
women and children in achieving a healthy way of
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