RWA Sportswear
No credit card payment will be accepted on-site.
(Online registration is preferred)

Training fees
DOES NOT cover event entry fees
Participants must register for race events separately
Meeting places:
(times & locations are subject to change please check calendar to verify)

Saturday runs:
63rd St Beach parking lot
2100 E. Hayes Dr
(offsite training locations will be posted on calender)

Wednesday evenings runs:
(31st or 63rd St Beach. Please check

Training Cancellations:
We are ROAD WARRIORS...... which mean we TRAIN.
Training days are only canceled for safety due to extreme weather conditions:
Wind Advisory
Cold Advisory
Heavy Snow Flurries
Severe Rain/Lightin Storms
Severe Heat Advisory (start time will be adjusted accordingly)
What makes us different from the other running clubs?   We provide
individual attention to your training needs, understanding that all runners
are not alike.  Have a pain or ache during your run?  Ask the onsite
physical therapist/coach!  New therapeutic strategies and equipment are
available to help you keep your training on the right track.  RWA focuses
on injury prevention, meaning we also help you strengthen and stretch
your essential running musculature during your training program.  
Handouts on shoe selection, basic nutrition, exercise, and soft tissue
mobilization will also be provided.    
Do you want to add some running to your workout plan or are you looking
to do your first race this year? Get on-board with RWA Fitness and we will
help you achieve your goals. Our programs are designed for first timers,
intermediate runners and those who want to stay active while enjoying
the Chicago Lakefront. Training sessions are Saturday mornings and
Wednesday evenings (summer months only). Training can include a
variety of short or long distance runs, trail runs, track drills, hill workouts,
and basic strengthening and stretching.
Warrior Summer Half Marathon Program
Check back in 2016  $85 -
Saturdays - 6:30am
Mileage  2 - 14mi
Warrior Marathon Program
Check back in 2016 $125 -   
Saturdays - 6:30am
Mileage  2 - 21mi
Half Marathon Training Programs are for the following races:
Rock -N- Roll Chicago Half Marathon and Chicago Half Marathon.
Marathon Training Programs are for the following races: Chicago Marathon and any fall marathon.
RWA Fitness Running Club
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